And I want to take the representation of the readers of this blog with me.  I know we have an “Open Thread” on the blog, but I’d like to add this one because as an attendant of this conference, I want to make sure your voice as well as the voices of my colleagues, will be heard in Austin next week.

Writing for JJP has been a real blessing for me, and I always want to represent those who gave a sista a leg up with her blogging.  So, to Jack and Jill, thank you for inviting me to write for JJP.  I don’t think Netroots Nation would have given me a scholarship to attend this conference if I hadn’t said I wrote for a blog that’s garnering so much national attention, they can’t afford to ignore us anymore!

Part of what I said in my application was that the Netroots needed to quit talking about inclusion and diversity, when there’s no one but white guys making all the decisions about the progressive agenda.  In other words, I challenged them on their stuff, and fully expected to be turned down for a scholorship.

I WON! Complete with trash-talking and the willingness to back it up.  You can read more about it here.

Now, for the fun part.  I’d like JJP readers to send me comments as to what you would like me to cover while I’m in Austin at the conference.  I plan to live blog from there and the coverage will be posted here at JJP.

As my colleague, Rikyrah, would say: drop a line and share, share, share with the JJP family; it will be greatly appreciated and hat tips will be included.

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