Obama logo - Get Fisa RightI’m stricken with disbelief that George Bush is about to receive a get-out-of-jail free card from Congress. A Democratic Party controlled Congress. Nixon was impeached and resigned over less. Clinton was skewered by a Republican Congress for lying about an Oval Office blowjob, for pete’s sake. What could possibly justify excusing Bush and the telecoms for what everyone seems to agree were illegal actions? Terrorism? Since when did we start wiping our behinds with the Constitution? I didn’t know that terrorism meant that laws on the book just don’t apply no more. Did you know that? Is that what happened after Pearl Harbor? Apparently not, cuz otherwise they wouldn’t be going to all this trouble to “fix the law”. That was broken.

When ordinary folks do something illegal, like park in the wrong place or embezzle or hold up a liquor store, they get a ticket and have to pay a fine. Or go to jail. How is it that the telecoms — and Bush – can get away with actions they knew to be against the law and kinda un-constitutional with complete impunity? The American public got jacked and the Democrats are ready to roll over to make sure no one has to take any responsibility of any kind for it. Why? Is that what the polling says America wants?

Barack Obama should be standing up for common sense and morality in this case. He would get more points for standing up for the law and for our constitutional rights against illegal search and seizure. It’s no wonder that on his own social networking website, the most popular group is that opposing his backwards stance on the FISA legislation being voted on today. Even the MSM is appalled (peep the video below/ ht DailyKos) though watching Diane Sawyer interview Obama this am, it’s fascinating that the one question she DIDN’T ask — was about FISA. I actually had to rewind using Tivo to make sure I didn’t miss it.

It’s a shame. I must admit I am disappointed that Barack Obama is not taking a stronger leadership stand for our rights as American citizens to be free of warrantless wiretapping. It’s more than a flip-flop. It’s a betrayal of his own supporters who’ve been pretty clear where they stand on the issue. Guess he’d prefer to allow George Bush to pull a thin veil of deception under the guise of “fighting terrorism” over his eyes.

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