Apparently this has become a big deal according to African American Political Pundit. Such a big deal that Obama had to weigh in. Black folks seem to be mostly uncomfortable or have mixed feelings around this move by a bold sister — see here, here and here for a few examples among black blogs.

Rene Marie, who was introduced by City Council president Michael Hancock to perform the national anthem, says she made the switch to sing the lyrics of Lift Ev’ry Voice without informing the mayor’s office. I suppose I’d be more sympathetic if her decision to hijack Denver’s annual state of the city meeting was promoting awareness for a specific injustice happening in America or locally Colorado perhaps. Then perhaps it might be construed as a courageous act. As it is though, it seems deceptive — she wasn’t contracted to sing the black national anthem (which is a gorgeous inspirational song). They asked her to sing the National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, which all African-Americans recognize and sing as our nation’s official anthem.

I’m not sure why this has received so much media attention unless the goal is to portray African-Americans, including and especially Barack Obama as unpatriotic. That’s not real and is Afrpatently false. And shame on the media for trumpeting the story. It’s like a gift to Fox News. Ugh — I’m personally embarrassed.

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