Remember a few days ago, when I wrote about how Obama is kicking McSame’s ass among the Latino demographic? Well I just found some additional quantitative evidence explaining what’s behind the “blacks hate browns and vice versa” meme we hear so much in the media.

From Gallup: Whites May Exaggerate Black-Hispanic Tensions

Fewer than half of white adults in the United States — contrasted with 60% of Hispanics and two-thirds of blacks — believe good relations exist between U.S. blacks and Hispanics.


The generally positive review of black-Hispanic relations in Gallup polling among members of the two leading U.S. minority groups contrasts with considerable media speculation about the impact of Hispanic animosity toward blacks in this year’s primary elections.


While black-Hispanic animosity may exist and could even have been a factor in some state caucuses or primaries, the Gallup data indicates it is not overwhelmingly obvious to members of either group. Whites are much more likely to believe the two are in conflict.

Now why would that be?

Maybe it’s the pundit’s ignorance or need for conflict in their stories. As Man Eegee (of Latino Politico) commented on the earlier piece:

It’s in the interest of corporate profit to maintain the mirage that we’re divided.
True, but is there more to it? This Gallup survey was not asking pundits, it was asking people. I’m sure the news coverage has influenced the perceptions of white Americans, but that much more than black and latino Americans? Is the disparity in perception about more than the news coverage? Could it be that more white people (not just pundits) need our groups to be divided as the population demographics shift?
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