Barack Obama is burnin’ it up overseas, baby so he wasn’t able to come to Netroots Nation this year in person as he did last year. However, he sat down to give us a special video message before getting on that plane to represent those in America who want a new, more positive relationship with world leaders.

For those who weren’t there, the Obama campaign has kindly put it up on the youtubes for ya:

Here’s what I had to say to the Washington Post on the Obama campaign team’s presence at Netroots Nation:

“While he’s not here, they’ve definitely been participatory,” said Cheryl Contee, a Netroots Nation board member, of the Obama campaign. “They’re very active. … They are definitely involved and committed to working with the netroots to elect Obama in 2008.”

Garance Franke-Ruta’s article continues:

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who coordinates, the Obama campaign’s wildly successful online social networking site, spoke at a training workshop for activists and bloggers here yesterday, notes Josh Orton, political director for Netroots Nation (and also the former deputy new media director for the Barack Obama campaign).

The nearly day-long “training for American” forum “for Democratic activists and leaders” was co-sponsored by the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee, and it featured panels on the ground game for 2008, online social networking strategies and holding successful messaging conversations with neighbors. The DNC’s Matt Ortega sent out this message across his Facebook network after the training’s conclusion: “if you’re looking a job while at #NN08 and want to elect Barack Obama the next POTUS, come see me in Ballroom G. 4:37pm.”

Tomorrow, Obama deputy national campaign director Steve Hildebrand will sit on a panel on organizing strategy, “Organizing Change: Obama Grassroots.” Obama new media director Joe Rospars is here for a panel, as well, accompanied by Obama inhouse blogger Sam Graham-Felsen.

BTW, if you weren’t at NN08 and think you might want to work to help elect Barack Obama AND you got some skillz, you can find Matt Ortega blogging over at the DNC blog Kicking Ass or at

Prominent black bloggers and new black leaders came strong at Netroots Nation like Donna Edwards, James Rucker, Van Jones & new star on the horizon: Kevin Powell for Congress. Take a look at the incredible all-star line-up of the panel for Black Bloggers Beyond Obama:

The panel description =

Black bloggers’ voices will be paid close attention given Obama’s candidacy and while the increased attention and addition of new voices are welcome; our collective voice is just as pertinent for issues unrelated to Obama’s campaign. As such, what steps should we be taking now to make sure that this message is not lost on each other and the larger blogosphere/media infrastructure?

Peep it (note that the audio is a bit low until 00:02:26):

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