At least that’s what I was taught when I was growing up and many of you probably were, too.  You didn’t talk about your hostess, or the fact that her chicken, collard greens and peach cobbler didn’t taste like Big Mama’s.

Instead, you shut up, ate, politely thanked your guest and went home, where, you might have proceeded to reach for the Kaopectate and Bicarbonate of Soda to help with digestion.

Apparently, Harold and Dorothy Ford either taught good breeding and polite manners to their oldest son and he forgot…or he didn’t get home training.  Otherwise, why in the hell would you go on MSNBC and insult progressive and liberal bloggers, when the host didn’t even ask you a question regarding them?  Last year, the Dark Sith went on Meet The Press and tried to debate Markos Moulitsas (aka DailyKos) and got his ass handed to him to the point, at the end of the interview, he practically begged Kos to invite him to Netroots Nation this year.  But before he gets there, he’s spouting off at the mouth:

Q: There’s also a lot of accusations now about both campaigns about flip flopping, specifically against Obama about flip flopping? Do you think there’s something going on, does Barack Obama have to worry now?

Ford: No….this race is fluid, this race is finally forming. Two things. Barack Obama is running for the President of the US, not the President of, the President of any liberal group. He’s running to lead, be a decision maker and a visionary for the country on the economy, national security and the immediate issue of Iraq.

Okay…but the woman asked you about flip-flops and rather than defend Obama on the fact that, with exception of the FISA bill, he’s been pretty stable, you decide to fling monkey poo at the blogsphere, which, by and large, includes African-American bloggers who see you coming a mile off, and the bullshyt you bring with you farther than that.

Guess what, Dark Sith?  We’ll be in Austin tomorrow.  Will you be just as willing to repeat this shyt in front of thousands of bloggers who will be there up close and personal?

And yes, I will be attempting to liveblog on my new laptop, so have some patience, JJP readers…

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