Quit Trying to Claim Dr. King because it’s CONVENIENT.

For me, given what Dr. King represented in the Civil Rights movement, and demanding not only that people of color be treated with dignity, but equality in economic standing, his being a Republican (ReThug) does not pass the smell test.

Yet, the National Black Republican Association is running ads insisting that he was a registered Republican.

This is one time to be from Missouri and demand that the Black Republicans provide evidence of Dr. King’s party affiliation or quit lying about the whole issue.

Many Black Republicans believed Dr. King to be an agitator and those who held positions as pastors, turned their backs on him during the movement and shut the church doors to make sure he didn’t get into their pulpits to talk about his “dream”. Now they want to claim him when it’s convenient, and Coretta isn’t here to challenge them on this.  The last time they tried to claim him, the King family threatened to sue.

I’d like to hear from readers on this.  Especially from Black Republicans, because I’d like to know how you can continue to claim membership in a political party that literally wear the hood and robe, and carry a burning cross when it comes to people of color, and considers you less than three-fifths of a human being.  Yeah, I know the Democrats aren’t that much better, but at least they have the sense to keep their opinions to themselves, Obama’s primary not withstanding.

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