Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, says we need them. My question is “why do we need them?” I know Hillary needs to stick around on the scene for a lil’ while, but she always brings Bill with her, and their “brand” of politics exposed they had been on the scene long past their shelf life.

I mean, he won the nomination without them and despite their best efforts to paint him as Scary-Black-Man-Who-Is-a-Muslim extraordinaire. Their machinations turned what should have been a historical primary election about the issues, into one about race and gender; race vs. gender. It became the most divisive primary I’ve ever witnessed in over twenty years of following Democratic politics. When Senator Ted Kennedy challenged incumbent President Jimmy Carter back in 1980, I was just out of high school and starting to take an interest in politics because I was an intern for former Rep. (and now Oakland Mayor) Ron Dellums, and I had to be in the know on some things.

I thought Carter and Kennedy were going to come to blows during the convention. They managed to bury their differences and unite for the party, but it wasn’t enough to stop the advent of Ronald Reagan, or Reagan’s laying the foundation for the GOP mess we see today.

I understand the need for healing the rift created in the party by Senator Clinton. Notice that I’m not including Obama, because he has other things he needs to address, such as his change of position on FISA, when he promised last Fall that he would lead a filibuster of this horrendous bill. Besides, he didn’t create this rift, and he was correct in telling those in the CBC who dared to approach him in reprisal (like the rift was his fault because people called out the plantation-effect), they needed to GTHO of his face with that noise.

So, Obama and Hillary had their kick-off in Unity, New Hampshire (how appropriate),and I realize Obama has to be the conciliatory one to make things easier for Hillary because he wants her supporters to vote for him in the Fall, but, jeez, the very fall-out from the primary has shown me that the Clinton Brand is out of style, and begs the question “Who needs them now?”

Apparently, it would appear she needs Barack Obama more than he needs her:

Despite the praise and smiles between the two, some in the crowd still sensed a space between them. Their embraces were slightly awkward, and Clinton stood with her hands clasped formally in front of her as Obama spoke.

Eileen Quill, a 64-year-old retired teacher from nearby Sunapee who had supported Clinton, said: “I think she’s usually a wonderful public speaker, and so is he, but she looked a little stiff and the whole thing wasn’t entirely comfortable.”

Eh, let her come along for the ride, as long as she behaves herself. She got off to a good start with this:

“To anyone who voted for me and is now considering not voting or voting for Sen. (John) McCain, I strongly urge you to reconsider,” said Clinton, beseeching her supporters to join with Obama’s “to create an unstoppable force for change we can all believe in.”

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