Hey yall,

We’re doing some planning for the site and want to get ideas from the people. I thought about setting up some surveys, but let’s just start with an open-ended post.

There are some things we’re definitely doing:

  • Leaving blogger. Hip hop hooray!!
  • Moving to a commenting system that allows for threaded comments (easier to follow)

Types of questions I have:

  • What site features do you think we should have here? Someone mentioned a live chat room, for example.
  • What topics do you think we could cover better or more?
  • What do you like MOST about JJP?
  • What do you like LEAST about JJP?
  • Would you be interested in a Daily Kos-style “diary” system? (this is a bit tougher for us to solve, but I’d like to know how much people want something like this).

That should be a good start. Thanks everybody for being part of the fam. We take your input seriously.

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