Naw, I’m not talking ’bout the Clintons, though they could surely fit in this category of corrupt political families.

I’m talking about “Dollar, Dollar” Bill Jefferson, y’all. I’m sorry I left him off the list of CBC members that could use a good primary challenger, but he did manage to win re-election to his seat, while facing Federal indictment for taking bribes and hiding them in his freezer.

Well, for taking bribes, anyway. He might as well have been indicted for hiding the money in his freezer where the FBI could find it, as opposed to an offshore bank account in the Caymans.

But, it appears that the corruption didn’t end with Dollar Bill. The rest of his family are riding on his coattails:

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said the family members used several nonprofit and for-profit companies to obtain grants designed to help pregnant teens, at-risk youths and others in need of assistance. They allegedly deposited some of the grant money into personal checking accounts and used it for personal expenses.

Didn’t they learn anything from their baby brother?

Honestly, we do have to clean up our own house of corrupt Congressional Black Caucus members, cause they’re stinking up the joint, and can’t get anything worth while done.

As I recall, Jefferson did get a primary challenger back in 2006. Her name was Karen Carter, and while Jefferson’s representation for the flood-ravaged New Orleans included his commandeering a tank earmarked to rescue trapped Katrina victims, and sending that tank to his house to retrive his shyt; not to mention voting the DLC ticket which virtually ensured the poor in New Orleans would stay that way – he managed to get re-elected.

Personally, I thought he wouldn’t have a district anymore because Katrina washed it out to the Gulf of Mexico, but, hey, most of his district were now forced to call Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Birmingham, Charleston, DC and other areas, Home, and that has to be what saved him. I thought for sure the indictment would have had him gone.

Yet, when Nancy Pelosi attempted to remove him from leadership positions until he got the indictment stuff resolved, Mel Watt and the rest of that sorry gang, cried foul and played the race card.

But someone should ask them why they were so quick to sling Cynthia McKinney under the bus for protesting being harassed by the Capitol Hill police, also at Nancy Pelosi’s direction?

Not to mention most of these Hanky Heads are now begging the Borg Queen to protect them from President-elect Obama, and get him to help them out by protecting them from primary challengers of their own. After the way the entire CBC has virtually dissed the man, now they want his coattails to ride on. I will say, in being gracious, Senator Obama should extract everything from them, including their mortgages and their firstborns and grandchildren, too. Not because they supported the Borg Queen.

But because they disrespected the brotha from the day he set foot on the Hill back in 2004. Don’t get me started…

Back to Dollar Bill, y’all. The whole family is corrupt, but in the cases of corrupt Black political families, I don’t think the Ford Crime Family has anything to worry about yet.

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