A reader suggested that we have a place where we could remember our favorite moments of the primary season.

I believe that’s a good idea, because we can read one another’s thoughts, and get energized, and just savor, if only in this post, what has happened up until this moment.

For me, I have a few moments of joy and nervousness.

1. January 3, 2008 – Pretty much all-White Iowa…the Obama FAMILY up on that stage, cheered on. The commentators were stunned. I was happy as a clam. It was beautiful.

2. The Michigan Fake Primary – The results from Detroit, where ‘Uncommitted’ received 70% of the vote. Remember, this was at the beginning of the Dogwhistle being blown, and that result from Detroit said that Black folk had heard that whistle being blown – loud and clear.

3. South Carolina – I exhaled in South Carolina, because you all know, we had those discussions here. We were worried for our Brothers and Sisters in South Carolina. We didn’t know if they had heard the calls of the Dogwhistle. When those results rolled in that Saturday night, and they said that 200,000 more Black folks voted in 2008 than 2004, I was so proud.

4. The Ted Kennedy/Caroline Kennedy Endorsement -I really don’t think that it can be said enough about what that endorsement meant. The MSM deliberately, I believe, completely overlooked what that endorsement did for Obama. I remember clearly, the glee, of them talking about Obama losing Massachusetts, thus the Kennedy Endorsement must not mean that much. That endorsement wasn’t about winning Massachusetts. That endorsement was about stopping Camp Hillpatine’s attempt to marginalize Obama into being the ‘ Black Candidate’. It was to stop that narrative, long enough for Obama to win those All-White States that he won on February 5th.

5. The string of Eleven in a Row – it was downright hilarious watching election returns on those nights. It was the first time it ACTUALLY dawned on the MSM…


6. Indiana/North Carolina….The stomping in North Carolina was wonderful….but, it was the perfect orchestration of the night…..Obama winning HUGE in North Carolina…and Indiana being too close to call. It was the last gasp of the MSM..and they knew they had to stop being pimps to the Clinton fraud that they had been perpetrating since Wisconsin, cause Chucky T told us the night of the Wisconsin Primary that she was DONE – delegate wise.

These are my moments, what are yours?

Let’s reflect on what’s happened up to this point.

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