Pop: A Celebration of Black Fatherhood

To all the men, but especially to all the Black Men out there taking care of business..

As a Black woman who had the RIGHT KIND of Black father, I thank you Brothers. You might believe that your work is going unnoticed, and I’ll be frank, it probably is. My father was “out of touch” when I was 18. When he died when I was 19, I didn’t think I knew enough. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that what he packed into those 19 years would last me a lifetime, and give me the compass by which I could guide my life.

Daughters of Men: Portraits of African-American Women and Their Fathers

Brothers, young Black boys aren’t the only ones who need a father. Black girls need you too. Need you because they need to understand what they should expect for themselves. They need you because YOU will validate their intelligence, their beauty, and build that self-confidence.

My Daddy encouraged my love of reading; TAUGHT ME how to cook; encouraged my love of travel; photography and sports. By watching him treat my mother with the utmost of respect, he beatdown all the negative imagery of the Black man that lurks around every corner in media of this world.

For those of you who didn’t have a father in your lives growing up, and decided NOT to repeat the cycle, Bless You. Thank you. You took your experience and turned it on its head. BECOMING the father that you never had. Your children will thank you always.


So, drop those links. Tell those stories. Praise those men who helped you become who you are.

And always, have a peaceful day.

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