With all due respect, I truly mean that. Just shut up about being nice to this cow.

Stop all the fussing about being willing to work with this heifer. I mean, no one, not even a person as skeptical as me, would protest that you haven’t ran a classy campaign, that you haven’t gone in the gutter as she has; that you have played the game fair and square, and by the rules.

Rules, I might add, she and her ilk created or signed off on.

Shut up about how you’re willing to be friends when this is over. You can’t befriend a rattlesnake. That’s reminding me of your opponent, John McCain, and how he got treated by the Bush Cartel the last time he ran for President. Karl Rove slimed him but good. Even suggested dude had a case of “Jungle Fever” that resulted in his adopted daughter (she’s from Bangladesh, BTW), and that his trophy wife was a drug addict (now that was true).

It has not been until McCain’s run this time that he’s re-embracing Bush. So if it took him eight years before forgiving Bush for some really unforgivable campaign smears, all I’m saying is that you don’t have to be fast on the draw to forgive Hillary, because if the shoe were on the other foot, I could only say I’d remain “open to the idea” of forgiving her.

Even her own husband has accepted the inevitable.

Forgiving her does not mean you allow her anywhere near your campaign. What good would it do? Forget that mess about “healing the party”; if there’s any healing to be done, she should be the one to do it.

She started this mess; she needs to sleep in the bed she made, with Wild Bill right next to her if he’s not in the street looking for another woman.

The media and the GOP are your worries right now. You don’t need Hillary or Camp Clinton to win this thing. And just like the Duke University surgeons cut out most of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor (praise God), you need to cut Hillary Clinton out of your vocabulary and concentrate on working past the damage she’s already caused, by concentrating on taking McCain out in the General.

You’re already talking like you’re beginning to do that.

Honestly, do you really want to work with someone who has played the games she has played; who has all but threatened your life as a reason to continue a campaign that was wrapped up back in March?

Do you really want to work with someone who has lackeys like Gerry the Klanswoman Ferraro and Harriet “YouTube Meltdown” Christian in her camp, playing the race and gender card like all get out?

Because you don’t have to work with this harpy. I think in due course, the rest of her camp will willingly get behind you for the greater good, because the longer she shows her unwillingness to work with you, the more people leave her camp anyway, convinced of her mental instability.

Please, Senator Obama. Just Shut UP about Hillary. Shut up about holding out the olive branch to her – how many times have you done that and she’s tried to take that branch and shove it up you know where? How many times have you been conciliatory and she’s rubbed your face in it, either with race-baiting, or trying to steal the nomination you worked hard for?

My God, her machinations have forced you to resign from your home church.

You owe her NOTHING. I repeat, NOTHING!

Okay, all I’m asking is you remain open to the idea, but also remember that you want to heal the division in the Democratic Party. A Division, I repeat, SHE CAUSED. If anyone should be doing the healing, it should be HER.

Remember Joe Lieberman and the division he’s caused in the Democratic Party? Harry Reid allowed him to stick around when he ran for his seat as an Independent who promised to caucus with the Democrats if he won?

You probably seen how that’s working. And Joe hasn’t forgiven any Democrat who got behind the Democratic nominee for his Senate Seat, Ned Lamont. That would include, you, BTW. In fact, every time he votes against the Democratic platform, or threatens to vote with the GOP (and he does it anyway)he continues to hijack the caucus in the Senate. Shoot, he’s even campaigning against you for McCain! Do you think after your “reconciliation” with Hillary, she won’t be tempted to act in similar fashion?

And if this post sounds unforgiving as a Christian, allow me to be human, because any Christian who can offer immediate forgiveness to anyone without wrestling with the human emotions of hurt, betrayal and defense, is either a born liar or delusional. I prefer to say I remain “open to the idea” of forgiving anyone, because that means I haven’t refused to do so. But I also refuse to lie about forgiveness when my emotions and heart haven’t caught up with my brain.

Forgiveness does not mean you allow the person to offend you to have a license to continue their bad treatment. It does not mean you allow them to take you out again.

It does mean drawing a boundary that they can’t cross anymore, and you let them know it.

That’s all I’m saying, Senator. Forgive her because you are a Christian when I last checked. But that forgiveness does not mean you let her back in; she has to earn that.

And, learning of Hillary from this campaign, I don’t think she’s capable of that, even though it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. She lost this primary and is now hell-bound on destroying you. Lock her out until she can’t hurt you, your family, or the Democratic Party anymore.

Feel free to forgive Hillary – just quit giving us indigestion by saying you want to work with her. She doesn’t deserve such reconciliation until she demonstrates she can effect it, and until she does, please shut up about working with her.


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