Secretary Rice comments on Obama’s win:

“It’s a country that has overcome many, many, now years, decades of, actually a couple of centuries, of trying to make good on its principles,” Rice said.

And I think that what we’re seeing is, an extraordinary expression of the fact that ‘we the people,’ is beginning to mean all of us,” she added, referring to the opening line of the U.S. Constitution.

Rice had a big role in authorizing torture and in the Iraq war. But what’s really disappointing is a statement like this reveals that she knows better. I’m glad she can recognize that America hasn’t always delivered on what it’s promised, but I’m also angry that she probably doesn’t recognize the damage she did to those very principles with her work for the Bush Administration.

I also knew that she was never really gunning for the Veep slot, because as wrong as she is, from the beginning she seemed genuinely moved by what Obama was trying to do.

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