I have a personal interest in physics and randomly stumbled across this brother online. More people should know about theoretical physicist Dr. Stephon Alexander and his work. Because this obviously proves black people are actually some form of unevolved talking monkeys… Read his full and fascinating story at National Geographic.

Dr. Stephon Alexander asks big questions. How did the space and time that govern our universe come into being? Intrigued at an early age by quantum theory, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and string theory, he now works to unify them in his search for a theory of quantum gravity.

“There’s a world of phenomena and theories that do very well in making cell phones work,” he explains. “But at the same time, other evidence we are calling ‘dark matter’ is still absolutely mysterious. My discoveries come through calculations as I tease nature into revealing her secrets.”

Alexander has long personal experience confronting the unknown. At age eight his family moved from Trinidad to the Bronx in New York City. “My childhood was full of surprises,” he remembers. “I learned that you can’t always hold on to things; it taught me the idea of embracing the unknown. Our culture tells us to try and control situations. Instead, I’ve always coped with unexpected events by making up theories about why they may be happening.”

After earning a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Brown University, Alexander completed postdoctoral work at Imperial College in London and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. He is now an assistant professor in the Penn State Physics Department.
According to Alexander, physics can also bridge cultures. “I see this happening every day since the people I collaborate with come from India, Poland, Russia, Japan, and Iran. Physics is our common language and bond—it transcends political, geographical, and cultural differences.”

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