Not sure how the jury could possibly find this verdict, but here it is:

CHICAGO (AP) — Singer R. Kelly has been found not guilty on the first 7 of 14 counts at a child pornography trial. The jury deliberated less than a day.

Kelly was charged with 14 counts of videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl, who prosecutors say was as young as 13. If convicted, he faces a minimum of four years in prison and a maximum of 15 years. He would also have to register as a sex offender in Illinois.

The jury — nine men and three women — was given the case Thursday.

The key question for the jurors was whether they believe it was Kelly in the video, as prosecutors contend. Kelly’s attorneys say it wasn’t him.

I’m counting down the moments it takes for someone to demand that Obama reject and denounce R. Kelly, being that they’re both from Chicago. 

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