Here’s an open thread to discuss the Primary today in Puerto Rico.

With 98 percent of precincts reporting:

Clinton: 257,331 (68 percent)
Obama: 118,972 (32 percent)

Not even 400,000 votes cast. Far less than the 2,000,000 folks were talking about during the hysteria of the perpetration of the ‘Popular Vote’ Fraud.

From MSNBC’s Chuck Todd:

NBC NEWS has also allocated 45 of 55 delegates in Puerto Rico. Clinton, so far, wins a 31-14 split with 10 delegates not allocated yet.

The NBC NEWS Delegate Counts:
PLEDGED: Obama 1726 to 1618
SUPERDELEGATES: Obama 329 to 293
EDWARDS PL. DELEGATES: Obama 16.5 to 0 (adding the 4.5 from Florida)
OVERALL: Obama 2,071.5 to 1,911

* Obama is 46.5 from the magic number of 2,118. (Clinton needs 207.)

* There are 242.5 total delegates remaining — 41 pledged delegates at stake between today’s contest in Puerto Rico (10 remain) and Tuesday’s primaries in South Dakota and Montana. Plus, 201.5 undeclared superdelegates remaining.

* That means Obama needs 19% of all remaining delegates. Clinton needs 85%.

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