Because even a minimum of respect for a black woman would be asking too much from Fox News.

In Young Gifted and Black, Lorraine Hansberry has a monologue from the point of view of a woman who gets solicited by white men who think she’s a prostitute every time she walks home. She says “you could be Jesus and drag” and they’d still be trying to flag you down.

And it’s really true. You can be an Ivy League grad two times over, married with two wonderful children, and some people still can’t see you past the color of your skin to see you as a human being.

Meanwhile, for those of you looking for feminist solidarity from the Joan Walshs of the world, well you get a post titled “Oh No They Didn’t.” Maybe she can record a segment with Current TV where she’s rolling her neck and snapping her fingers.

You also get this:

And yes, those of us who’ve spoken out about the sexism faced by Hillary Clinton have to be vigilant about the vicious personal attacks we know await Michelle Obama (hell, did I just say “await?”) I also can’t help hoping that Obama supporters who denied Clinton faced sexism, but who are now outraged by the treatment of Michelle Obama, will have new insight into the dynamics of American media and politics, and new compassion for Clinton. Call me a crazy optimist: I’m expecting Fox to apologize, too!

Because if you weren’t supporting Clinton, or you didn’t believe that she lost because of sexism, well, it serves you right that Fox News and the Right wing smear machine will be treating Michelle Obama like garbage. That’s some inspiring feminist solidarity there. I can’t wait to see how Walsh knocks down some more sexist attacks on Michelle Obama from Fox by reminding everyone how badly Clinton was treated, or criticizing racism by attempting to imitate what she thinks “black people sound like”.

If this incident generates a lot of outrage, and it should, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes a referendum on Hip-hop and how black people use the word “bitch” a lot, so it’s really our fault to begin with that Fox can’t be bothered to treat black people like human beings.And of course people will say that the Obamas are “playing the race card” if they object to this kind of coverage.

Hell, I’m just going to go ahead and throw up the Bat-Signal. 

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