Senator Obama filling sandbags in Quincy, Illinois

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Obama Campaign Organizes Flood Relief – Updated 2x w pics
by OIL GUY [Subscribe]
Sat Jun 14, 2008 at 09:28:26 AM PDT

Barack Obama and his campaign are using the power of their e-mail list and website to help organize relief efforts for people in the Midwest devastated by the intense floods. I recieved an e-mail from the campaign asking me to help by donating to the Red Cross relief effort. When I went to, I saw that the home page is dominated by an appeal for the flood victims uinder the banner:


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Not only is the Obama campaign helping to raise money for the relief effort, the websites Community Blogs are providing information on where volunteers who live in or near the affected areas are needed to assist local residents in building sandbag levees to protect peoples’ homes. They had specific information on what towns needed help and where volunteers should go to offer their help. This included an appeal for volunteers to bring cold bottled water for the folks working at sandbagging – it is grueling hard work and the floods have contaminated many of the local water supplies.

For more about the Obama Campaign’s Attempts to help the flood victims,GO HERE

Whatever you can give I’m sure will be appreciated.

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