The Obama campaign has 1.7 million donors. That IS Public Financing.

If you want to see the Video at his website, CLICK HERE

WHY did he opt out?

Because he has a serious advantage here. Because, for the first time in recent history, The Democrats have a serious money advantage.

While Obama has done his part to get most of the 527’s to stand down, Senator Straight Talk is there saying that he can’t control everything that The RNC does, let alone the GOP 527’s.

Now, opting out of the Public Financing System,which means that Obama will be able to raise as much money as his donors will supply…

COUPLED with his devotion to putting into full throttle- The 50 State Strategy, which includes that voter registration drive in ALL 50 STATES…

means that Obama is playing serious offense.

He WILL force the GOP to defend places that they’d never thought they’d have to and spend money that they simply don’t have. It’s ‘in-your-face’ politics, and GOOD – the Democrats need to be playing that FINALLY.

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