Very Good News, IMO, From The Field:

The First Brilliant Move in the Vice Presidential Search
By Al Giordano

Associated Press has a cryptic one-sentence report out:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama taps three people to lead veep search, including Caroline Kennedy.

Now, if only she’d pull a Cheney (the head of Bush’s VP search efforts who picked himself).

The signals sent with this move are multiple. They suggest a search for a running mate that is ideologically compatible, acceptable to the Kennedy wing of the party, that acknowledges the generational aspect of the change at hand, and, importantly, it brackets the disqualifying words uttered by one Veep aspirant late last month and looms as an ever-present reminder of vigilance regarding such unspeakable acts. Obama has picked someone in Caroline Kennedy who nobody is going to be able to push around. Nice.

Update: The other two members of the search committee are party insider Jim Johnson (who handled the veep search for Kerry ‘04 and, ouch, Mondale ‘84) and civil libertarian attorney Eric Holder, who is considered a leading candidate for Attorney General and/or Supreme Court Justice in an Obama administration.


Well, you know the basic feelings around here at JJP.


That display of ‘ deranged narcissism’ (thank you, Jeffery Toobin) last night topped it all. The pimping of this nightmare by every surrogate you could name, including Sambo Billionaire Bob Johnson just adds to the chorus of


to this nightmare.

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