On his first day as the official Democratic Nominee for President, no less.

Well someone had to do it. I’m just glad it was the Democratic Nominee for POTUS who took on the job.

Ever since Joe Lieberman went on Fake Noise and called out Senator Obama for his statements of being willing to enter into discussions with our enemies before having the military break open cans of Whip-Arse on them; not to mention Lieberman’s actively campaigning for McCain (Zell Miller-redux), one wonders why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has failed to pull the trigger on Lieberman, or at least, strip him of his Chairmanships and committee positions.

Anyhoo, according to Daily Kos and C-SPAN, Mr. Obama got fed up and after a meeting on the Senate floor, he was seen pulling Lieberman offside to get in that ass, metamorphically speaking, that is. Witnesses say the body language of Obama spoke volumes of “South Side Chicago” – as far as the man could go and still retain class and decorum inside the Senate chambers.

Harry Reid could take lessons from Obama on how to nip your enemies in the bud early before they can do more damage.

The only thing that Joe Lieberman should be worrying about is whether or not Obama had Jim Webb of Virginia backing him up.

Hey, Webb almost threw a punch at Bush for putting his son in harm’s way, and Bush trying to mack on him about it. It could happen…

Not bad for his first day as the Democratic Nominee. And the comments at Kos were running in agreement of Obama laying down the law and telling Lieberman to blow it out of his horses’ ass. While I may be skeptical of Obama’s platform, I do respect the way the man handles his enemies.

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