Just to double down with what Jack said about the Hillpatine ‘ Popular Vote’ FRAUD, it’s gone beyond what was put in that DailyKos report.

From The Jed Report:

Sun Jun 1, 7:44 PM
Clinton’s dishonest popular vote claim has a new caveat

Hillary Clinton’s “primary” qualifierHillary Clinton claims to have won the so-called popular vote, but if you pay close attention to her words she is now using a critical qualifier: “in presidential primaries.”

Many people won’t notice Clinton’s caveat, but the meaning of her carefully chosen words could not be more clear: her definition of “popular vote” now includes only primary states. In the past, she excluded four caucus states that did not report vote totals: Iowa, Maine, Nevada, and Washington. Now she’s excluding all of them.

By excluding caucus states, Clinton is dismissing the preferences of voters in fourteen states, home to more than 56 million Americans and nearly one in five voters. And by Clinton’s new rules, they might as well have never voted.

As she might say, how can you win in November if you don’t count one-fifth of the Electoral College?

For Hillary Clinton, this has nothing to do with principle. It’s a simple math problem: the only way she can claim any sort of “popular vote” victory is by refusing to count all the votes.

Rest of story at link above.

That’s right, Brothers and Sisters, now she’s excluding ALL THE CAUCUS STATES. Not just the 4 that didn’t keep Popular Vote statistics.



Unlike Michigan and Florida.

And, of course, the Soviet-style election of Michigan is included – WHERE OBAMA’S NAME WASN’T EVEN ON THE BALLOT.

What a FRAUD, she is..


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