Short version: John “Where’s My Cane?” McCain has publicly chided Bush for his handling of the Katrina disaster and yet voted twice against investigating the response to Katrina. He also voted against emergency funding for victims of Katrina and Wilma, against first responders, etc.

In this video, prominent Republicans Bob McCollum and Gov. Bill Crist take McCain to task for failing to support a National Catastrophe Fund that would protect all homeowners in case of disaster — thus lowering insurance and raising property values.

What’s really stunning is that McCain recently lied to reporters about his votes to investigate the disastrous handling of the worst humanitarian crisis our country has ever seen. Different from George W. Bush? I don’t think so. To crib Kanye, John McCain does not care about black people. Or the truth. Let us not forget that during the Katrina crisis on the day the levees breached, while people were hungry, homeless, dying, etc — John McCain was all smiles enjoying a birthday photo op in AZ with none other than an oblivious George Bush. Let them eat cake.

Check out the video on Hurricane McCain. Cenk Uygur at YoungTurks digs deeper below.

And get more on the story from Sam Stein at HuffPo.

But hey — “at least no Arabian Horses died” during Katrina. Check out McCain’s flip, callous humor on whether he’d appoint a guy like Brownie to head FEMA.

This issue demands more sunlight as it not only impacts the economy, highlights Katrina recovery and takes on a topic of great interest in a battleground state, Florida.

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