Oh — ha ha ha. This one really split my sides. Not.

I read the partial transcript of John Ralston’s Las Vegas Sun interview with John McCain after seeing Jake Tapper of ABCNews’s post on this.

The interview starts off with:

JR: Who is the real John McCain – the guy who voted 95 percent with the president or the guy in his first two ads running from George W. Bush like a scalded dog? (JT: Booyah! Um, can every interview with McCain start this way from now on?)

MCCAIN: Look at the voting records…..Senator Obama has the most extreme voting record in the Senate and does not have the record of reaching across the aisle

McCain carries on with an inaccurate recounting of his record supporting Bush’s policies but here’s the money quote:

(On why he didn’t choose Gov. Jim Gibbons to chair his Nevada campaign?)

MCCAIN: I appreciate his support. As you know, the lieutenant governor is our chairman.

JR: Why snub the governor?

MCCAIN: I didn’t mean to snub him,. I’ve known the lieutenant governor for 15 years and we’ve been good friends….I didn’t intend to snub him. There are other states where the governor is not the chairman.

JR: Maybe it’s the governor’s approval rating and you are running from him like you are from the president?)

MCCAIN: (Chuckling) And I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago….

Really? Joking about beating Cindy the Rodeo Queen? Not cool. Not appropriate. This is the man who seeks to be our country’s chief representative in diplomacy with other countries? Ugh.

Man, I cannot wait for the Obama-McCain debates to begin. That is going to be incredible. Cuz Grandpa ain’t got no game, nah mean?

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