Either his own inaction on Hurricane Katrina has deeply disturbed him in hindsight, or he just thinks he’s vulnerable on the issue, but McCain really just flat out lied to a reporter yesterday in describing his record on Katrina.

Eric Kleefield adds:

McCain voted against establishing a commission to investigate the levee failures, in a September 2005 party-line vote in which all Republicans voted against the Democratic proposal. He then repeated that party-line GOP vote against a similar Dem proposal in February 2006.

They also have the McCain campaign’s response:

“It doesn’t bode well for Senator Obama’s pledges to run a campaign of hope and change when on the first day of the general election he’s launching the same tired negative attacks that the American people are so sick and tired of. As Sen. McCain said, he wasn’t familiar with the specific votes the questioner was asking about. Instead he was speaking to his strong support for the Homeland Security Committee’s comprehensive, bipartisan investigation of Hurricane Katrina, which was already fully underway when these other proposals were suggested.”

Really? The guy who argued a terrorist organization supports his opponent is hyperventilating about “negative attacks” because the DNC gave a possibly limited but factual account of his record?

Isn’t that a just a little precious? If you can’t stand the heat, get out from in front of the greenscreen…

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