Um…why have someone this deceitful, racist and repugnant actively organizing your campaign events? From the Politico, emphasis mine.

A key organizer of John McCain’s meeting Saturday with former supporters of Hillary Clinton is best known for her role in another bitter American fight: The effort by some white descendants of Thomas Jefferson to keep his possible African-American descendants out of family gatherings.

Paula Abeles emailed Politico yesterday to complain that her group had gotten short shrift in a blog item, writing, “I initiated the teleconference with McCain on Saturday and was solely responsible for the guest list.” Another Clinton backer at the event, Will Bower, confirmed that she was “integral” to assembling the group.

But Abeles first made the news in 2003, when she and her husband, then-Monticello Association President Nat Abeles, led the fight to keep members of the Hemings family — descendants of Jefferson slave and, some historians believe, mistress Sally Hemmings — out of a gathering of the Monticello Association, which is made up of lineal descendants of the third president.

Abeles drew national attention for her role in an episode of online espionage.

The AP reported in May of 2003:

The wife of a Thomas Jefferson family association official said Friday that she masqueraded as a 67-year-old black woman on an Internet chat room in a bid to keep descendants of a reputed Jefferson mistress out of this weekend’s family reunion.

“It might have been somewhat unethical,” said Paulie Abeles of Washington, D.C., who participated for eight months in the Yahoo! message board created for relatives of Jefferson slave Sally Hemings.

“It might have been childish, but I really think I was working in the best interest of the majority of the family members to make the reunion a calm and civilized gathering,” she said.

Oh but there’s more from the AP article (I know there’s an AP link boycott on and respecting it/agree with it. This is the best source for this story I’m afraid>)

The Hemings clan was formally excluded from membership last year, but some members of the association continue to invite slave descendants to accompany them to the annual cocktail party and cemetery visit.

David Works, a sixth-generation grandson of Jefferson who sympathizes with the Hemings heirs, said he has asked federal authorities to investigate.

“This isn’t a fraternity house panty raid – this is serious,” said Works, who supervised the Internet group and traced messages back to the Abeles computer.

Paulie Abeles said she was curious last August when she found out the Hemings family was communicating through an Internet group, but she thought her name would have made it difficult to be included.

So Cassandra Mays-Lewis was born. In her Yahoo! profile, Abeles made Cassandra a descendant of Jefferson slave Joe Fossett, describing herself as having an interest in black genealogy. In her messages, she played the part of an elderly woman, stricken with emphysema, thanking Works at one point for his “kind attentions to an old woman.”

“Somewhat unethical”? Guess that’s the kind of people McCain likes to hang with. Also sorry, is this also a friend of Hillary Clinton — it’s a little unclear from the story. Though the Politico says that Paula Abeles “has signed her given name on a pro-Clinton chat board as “Paulie,” the name she was quoted under in 2003″.

Seems that Nat and Pamela Abeles always seem to find a way to exclude the black descendents of Thomas Jefferson from family events in addition to posing as an African-American woman online. Which seems kinda race-hating. I don’t know about you, but I smell an Eddie Murphy movie – he can play Paula Abeles playing Cassandra Mays-Lewis. Hijinks ensure! Better than Madea! Co-starring John McCain as Thomas Jefferson himself!

Coming soon to a YouTube video near you.

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