If this were Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater, then Sen. Joe Lieberman would have been hooted, booed and laughed off the stage of the Senate some time ago. All the Bush kissing and McCain clapping. He’s even had some nasty things to say about Barack Obama. It’s just not entertaining. Not one little bit.

Sign the Brave New Films petition to encourage the Senate Democratic Steering Committee to decide whether Joe Lieberman should remain chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee at LiebermanMustGo.com. The Republicans have shown they don’t know a thing about Homeland Security or national defense. If Lieberman agrees with them, then Sandman Simms — that guy that tap dances across the stage at the Apollo when the audience jeers — needs to use his cane to pull Lieberman into the wings.

There are no Congressional Black Caucus members on the Steering Committee by the way — Barack Obama isn’t on it and he’s the only African-American senator at this time. And another thing. Wouldn’t it have been great if Ned Lamont had taken Lieberman’s place? Maybe next time.

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