Hey hey fam,

I’ve been silent on the blog front but busy on the back end. This weekend we’re going to try three things

  1. moving our domain to a real webhost in Media Temple and off the blogger servers
  2. moving the blog over to the WordPress platform
  3. installing a new commenting system

Note what’s not a part of this weekend’s shift: swanky new design; some of the other features we’re planning on such as chat rooms, pages, etc. We think the above three is enough for one weekend.

What does this mean for the blog?
We’re freezing things during the migration. That means:

  • no comments. I don’t want to lose any in the migration, so we’re closing them down
  • no new posts. because that would just be silly

How long will this last?
We hope to have things back in effect by Sunday evening, but that assumes we don’t blow up the Internet

What should you do in the meantime?

Thanks in advance for your patience. Sorry for the short notice. Cross your fingers!!

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