We’re doing News & Notes again!

They’ve set up five topics, though we rarely get past two. Here they are

  1. Post primaries — what now, especially for Clinton?
  2. Bo Diddley and Black Rockers – follow up to interview with Rob Fields
  3. Confederate Flag Could Fly Near Tampa
  4. Violent Brawls between Student and Teacher in Atlanta and North Carolina Caught on Video
  5. Cheney Makes Incest Joke About West Virginians

Update: I’ll post the audio when it’s up later tonight. Sorry I forgot to put in a link to the show. Been running around like crazy.
Obviously, I only want to talk about #1. I’ve completely missed what’s up with Bo Diddley, so if you have thoughts on the middle three topics, holla and i’ll try to represent.

Update 2: You can listen to the audio here. We dealt with the primaries, Bo Diddley and the Confederate Flag. The other guests were Desmond Burton of Afronerd (with me in the NYC studio) and Carmen Dixon of All About Race.

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