Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and here at JJP we’ve decided to borrow (with all due admiration) Andrew Sullivan’s idea of giving awards for certain types of commentary. Naturally ours will have their own unique flava, and these are the categories we’ve decided on so far:

The Cosby Award: For saying unpleasant things that people need to hear.

The Crabby McCrab Award: For making statements fueled by irrational hate and envy that tear down other black folks.

The Shirley Chisolm Award: For poignant statements that confront sexism and prejudice against women of all races*.

The Pat Buchanan Award: For unconscionably racist commentary.

The Sharpton Award: For making unfounded accusations of racism.

The Flava Flav Award: For embarrassing black folks everywhere through hopelessly ignorant behavior.

The Baldwin Award: For saying something we all knew was true, but couldn’t figure out how to say.

We don’t have a system yet where we can set up voting, so instead of having nominees we’re just going to give them out. But that’ll change as soon as we get our site revamp going.

*changed, because I think Rep. Chisolm would want it that way. 

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