rikyrah just emailed this over.

there’s an excellent daily kos diary picking it apart. you can read the entire fox “news” transcript. but the video. i dare you not to smack your computer. prepare for the long war, my people. these right wing white folks are going to lose their minds on the road to an obama white house.

The number of reasonable statements in this broadcast are hard to find. Here’s one

JANE HALL, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY: I think one way that people who are going to try to defeat Obama is to somehow prove he’s other — he’s not one of us. If they can’t prove he’s a Muslim, then let’s prove his wife is an angry black woman. I think it’s going to get ugly. I don’t think John McCain will sanction it. I think McCain — it’s my opinion he will generally try…

SCOTT: But he won’t be able to control it.

HALL: I think McCain genuinely doesn’t want this kind of campaign, but I think that may be the only, and ugliest way, to go after Obama and people are going to use it.

Jane Hall just described what many of us have been talking about. All the b.s. about Muslim this and flag pin that represent the fears of the right wing idiocracy. They always try to paint the democrat as out of touch, but with Obama it’s more severe. He’s somehow not American. Kudos to Hall for getting that in. She later points out the image vs. reality of Cindy McCain.

The next most reasonable comment came from Jonathan Martin at Politico

MARTIN: What’s so fascinating here in that we’re having this conversation right now. This is the constant cable chatter. This is what folks are talking about on the Internet. But the campaign itself sort of aboveboard. He wants to raise taxes, against free trade. But the reality is that this is sort of a two-track campaign. It’s the issues on the one hand but, at the same time, what seems so dominant and what seems to be on the minds of everybody, even though the campaign doesn’t want to sanction it perhaps, these cultural issues, personality issues. Who is this person? It’s just fascinating to watch and sort of keep track of.

Jonathan Martin does a decent job of explaining the difference between issue-based coverage and bullshit chatter. The problem is, he’s on a show that’s nothing but the latter. Take that extra baby step, Jonathan. Don’t just describe the dysfunction. Stop it!

Of course, the what-you-talkin-bout moment goes to host Cal Thomas

THOMAS: I want to pick up on something that Jane said about the angry black woman. Look at the image of angry black women on television. Politically you have Maxine Waters of California, liberal Democrat. She’s always angry every time she gets on television. Cynthia McKinney, another angry black woman. And who are the black women you see on the local news at night in cities all over the country. They’re usually angry about something. They’ve had a son who has been shot in a drive-by shooting. They are angry at Bush. So you don’t really have a profile of non-angry black women.

Damn! I mean, it’s like he went out of his way to be wrong with every word that came flying out of his mouth. If black women weren’t angry before, they will be after seeing this along with black men and anyone with common sense.

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