and before I have a chance to post my thoughts on that, I am drawn to my colleague Rikyrah’s post about the flooding and potential “another Katrina” disaster, once again on El Presidente Boosh’s watch.

Let us stop asking what’s wrong with our Government. We KNOW what’s wrong with it. It is run and operated by individuals who were given their positions out of loyalty, being able to rig or steal elections, or all of the above. But, never, ever think it is because they were competent and possessed the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

Oh, and having a President who actually exhibited basic human characteristics of kindness, compassion and consideration for the plight of the downtrodden and suffering, would also be a very big help in responding to crisis like this.

If it’s not being reported in the media, that’s because we all know what a PR nightmare Katrina was, and continues to be for this Administration. Even in the wake of prompt responses to other natural disasters, Bush will never, ever be able to escape comparisons to his lack of action during Hurricane Katrina. This August 29, 2008, will be the third anniversary of the horror we either witnessed or personally experienced.

Three years of exile for many. Three years of abso-damn-lute silence from our Government and those who represent in both Houses of Congress.

Three years of rather than trying to return New Orleans’ people back home, this government engages in ensuring they are kept out.

Which probably explains why HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson “suddenly” developed a desire to “spend more time with his family” while facing a possible Federal indictment for using his position not to build affordable housing so Katrina victims can return home, but to engage in gangsta tactics with Housing officials in Philly.

While Democratic-Nominee Obama could get involved, let me remind you that Bush is still on the job and the issue of levies breaking and flooding communities is STILL his responsibility. And, as usual, the man appears to be asleep at the wheel…again. And he has an equally complicit media to help out in the cover-up.

That is, unless Anderson Cooper hightails it to Iowa in a speedboat and start reporting on CNN about this potential cry for help.

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