That just voted to give away your 4th Amendment rights.

It’s really simple. A sitting member of Congress should receive a primary challenger to his or her seat when they have been given the opportunity to represent the interests of the constituency that elected them and they fail to do so. Just like any CBC member who voted in favor of wiretapping without court approval or warrants.

Sounds simple in theory, but in reality, the elected member often does whatever the hell they want and hopes you, the constituent, doesn’t notice, doesn’t find out, or don’t care. Just like the CBC thought they could produce and sponsor a Presidential Debate and hoped we wouldn’t notice Fox Network was paying for it.

In the last eight years, we’ve seen Congressional Members promoting themselves as progressive; yet voted the Corporate Ticket all the way. We’ve seen “conservative” or “Reagan” Democrats move so far to the right, they may as well switch parties and become the GOP. With the vote on FISA, did you know that 105 Democrats just voted to finish shredding what’s left of your 4th Amendment Rights to Privacy and freedom from being wiretapped for no reason except the ones the government makes up?

When a Congress Member should receive a Primary Challenger is when they are being derelict in their job performances. Anywhere else, you’re fired from your job for piss-poor performance. However, there is always something you and I, the registered voter, can do in the name of activism. You can start with the link I’ve just provided. If you go to the Roll Call list of how the members voted, you can identify the Democrats that voted with the Republicans on the FISA cave in. See how many CBC members you can find. When I first glanced at the list, I identified at least ten CBC members, but there are probably more.

Reading Roll Call Voting Sheets is how the CBC Monitor puts together those report cards; I just wanted to give JJP readers a taste of how we do it. No personality evaluations. No hateration. Just evidence of how they are voting. In light of the FISA vote, I’m wondering how Gentleman Jim Clyburn would react if he learns his phones are being tapped. Because it will not stop at “looking for terrorists to stop them” in this wiretapping business. Lives of innocents can be ruined and the government, nor the corporations like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will be held accountable, because they will be immune from liability and possibly, prosecution.

When Congress Members vote to eviscerate the U. S. Constitution; the very document that created their very jobs, they need to go, because when you vote to damage the districts you represent and give criminals “get out of jail-free” cards, the cuckoo has surely flown and the representative needs to go.

And yes, this legislative vote will be featured on the upcoming CBC Monitor Report Card, because this is a “bright-line” issue that no CBC member worth their salt had any business voting for.

I’m calling for a LIST of CBC members that probably need to be challenged in their primary either this year or in 2010. Some of you have indicated who you would like to see hit the bricks, but their support for Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be the primary reason; I’m sure you may very well find them on this list…and if you do, NOW you have a reason to scrutinize their records and develop concrete reasons for them to go.

And don’t let them tell you that their “vote was taken out of context”. If you get that response, simply ask them, “Where is the ‘context’ in voting ‘yea’ or ‘nay’? Either you voted in favor or you voted against…”

Works like a charm everytime…

Those of you agitating for action, well, here’s your chance to get active, so what say you?

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