Who let Don Imus back into the closet I thought we’d put him here? What jackass thought “oh, he said he’s sorry, let’s give him another chance.” Or perhaps the decision to let him back on the air was more cynical believing that controversy sells.

B-Serious has already written about Don Imus. Imus’ remarks are making waves overseas since now Don’s trotting out the same old weak non-apologies and chuckle-in-your-sleeve excuses. Here’s what Imus said about Adam “Pacman” Jones who’d like to drop his nickname.

Don Imus: “What color is he?”
Warner Wolf: “He’s African-American,”
Imus: “Well, there you go. Now we know.”

From HecklerSpray (the PerezHilton of the U.K.) — emphasis mine:

Don Imus has come forward to point out that actually he was making a sarcastic point about how suspicious policemen are of black people. He was on their side all along! So which is it – is Don Imus a racist or a sarcastic campaigner for social justice? It’s too hard to decide – can’t we go with ‘tedious Worzel-faced old gasbag’ and be done with it?

Here here. I’m not sure exactly what a Worzel is, but I’m completely down with calling Imus a tedious Worzel-faced old racist that needs to be taken off the air as apparently he’s not only a national, but an international embarrassment.

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