House whip Clyburn throws support to Obama

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The House majority whip, the top ranking African-American in Congress, said Tuesday he will support Sen. Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential race.

Rep. James Clyburn had been neutral in the race between the front-running Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton, the former first lady.

“I believe the nomination of Senator Obama is our Party’s best chance for victory in November, and our nation’s best hope for much needed change,” Clyburn said in a statement. “Senator Obama brings a new vision for our future and new voters to our cause. He has created levels of energy and excitement that I have not witnessed since the 1960’s.”

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Clyburn has been on of the unsung heroes during this election cycle. Him dropping comments in the press and standing his ground on them at times when needed helped a great deal. We all knew he wouldn’t let his daughter and grandson down..LOL

I loved Clyburn on Morning Joe. I loved that he brought up Dean’s 50 State Strategy, but when he talked about it in terms of his historial perspective, having gone to jail during the Civil Righrs Movement, and that Obama’s victory in Iowa convinced him that it was possible to see dreams come to fruition, I was moved.

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