I think I’ve shared my ambivalence about Senator Obama’s having to quit Trinity United Church of Christ. My colleagues at Black Agenda Report does serious articles featuring sharp analysis that cuts through hailing Barack Obama as someone between the next Ghandi, Great Black Hope, and just merely being a politician.

I believe we all feel we can’t take another four years of anything resembling George Bush’s Administration, regardless of it being Obama or Hillary, though I must admit, if Hillary finds a way to steal the nomination, Hell will have done the unthinkable and will have frozen over, because I’m still not voting for her ass.

But, I received an email from Dr. Boyce Watkins of Your Black World, and I think in this piece, he sums up my ambivalence very nicely. In particular, this:

I was disappointed to hear Senator Obama’s words, but I am not disappointed with Senator Obama, for he is truly between a rock and a hard place. I am most disappointed that our country continues to kill messengers of honesty who offer the social medication necessary for our country to truly achieve racial healing and equality.

Yeah, that about rips it. Enjoy this day, while I head down to Townhouse Tavern and hang out with Donna Edwards’ campaign manager and demand Matt Stoller buys CPL a drink (LOL!

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