In case you don’t know, there is a new article in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair about Bill Clinton.

Bubba Trouble: The Comeback Id

It was written by Dee Dee Myers’ husband. Yes. That Dee Dee Myers.

Here is Bill Clinton’s Response to the article.

One of the biggest FRAUDS ever perpetrated by Camp Hillpatine was that she was FULLY VETTED.

Hell no, she wasn’t fully vetted.

She ran two non-contests for United States Senate. She hasn’t been vetted for her POST -White House Years.

And that, Brothers and Sisters of JJP, was the ticking time bomb just waiting for explosion once she got the nomination.

And, the Democrats would have been STUCK


The moment the GOP began to unload, it would have been deja vu all over again. Us stuck defending these jokers against the ‘ vast right-wing conspiracy’ over crap THAT WAS TRUE.

5 Things. Don’t even count Bill’s below-the-belt-extracurriculars.

1. Full revealing of ALL her earmarks.
2. What’s in the 18 million LEFT OUT of the tax returns?
3. What’s in the Ron Burkle Partnership? What did he have to do to get it?
4. Donor list for the Clinton Library
5. Donor list for the Clinton Foundation

Those 5- and the GOP wouldn’t even have to tell us whose been flying with Bill on those private planes.

Wouldn’t even have to go into his below-the-belt-extracurriculars.

I have no proof (BECAUSE THEY WON’T REVEAL ANY OF THIS), but I’ll forever believe the answers to the five above questions would have given GOP 527’s endless commercials.

Now, I’ve had a mini-debate at another blog that this is bad news for Obama, articles like this.

I happen to disagree.

These stories are about to come out full force, and I have absolutely no problem with that.

Because, it will show how Obama’s campaign was even MORE ABOVE BOARD.

You think this stuff in Vanity Fair, and what’s going to come out later has just been suddenly discovered?

Of course not.

The Obama people CHOSE not to go down this road.

But, I want every bit of these stories to come out. Because, everyone that does ensures to me that she’ll NEVER get that VP slot. Period.

The person debating me says that Obama could be ‘blamed’ for it by Hillpatine’s more irrational supporters.

The Vanity Fair article is the first, but it won’t be the last. These are stories that the MSM has sat on, believing they would get to use them on Hillpatine during the General Election.

Now that that won’t happen, they have to use them :
1. They’ve already done them, why let them go to waste
2. The GOP has them, and they will NEVER pass up the chance to kick the Clintons while the getting is good.

Obama will not be able to control this. He simply won’t. The Clintons have made too many enemies, and they want to feast on their carcass.
And, there are a whole lot of Democrats, the ones who had Bill Clinton’s Back during the worst of times and took up space on the Clinton field of battle (oh, say Black folk and, who this time, will just sit this one out.

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