The Obama Campaign has released this grainy home video of a 13 minute informal address to his entire staff on becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee. Thanks to RM for the link. Worth your time to see Obama’s clear emotional connection and pride in his staff. I felt as if he was also talking to all his supporters out there.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes.

“This campaign is about you. You guys are discovering your collective ability to make history and just…move an entire nation in a new direction. And that is a remarkable feat.”

“What you’ve done is something that continually restores my faith in people, in America, in the world, in what’s possible and that is a great gift that you’ve given to me.”

“We don’t have a choice. Now – if we screw this up, all those people that I’ve met — who really need help — they’re not going to get help.”

“Now everybody’s counting on you, not just me. And I know that’s a heavy weight. But what a magnificent position to find yourself in. Where the whole country’s counting on you to change this for the better.”

Lord, am I glad to not be talkin’ bout Hillary no more. That lady is like Britney Spears. Over-exposed, badly behaved and kinda dysfunctional. A media circus. As a nation, we just all need to see a lot less of her for a little while. The spotlight’s now on Obama and I’m liking it.

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