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Obama: Guilty By Association
By Burt Prelutsky
Monday, June 23, 2008

I mean, it’s always nice to be reminded that America is the place where anyone is free to achieve his dreams, although perhaps not quite yet her dreams. But when it comes to being president of the United States, the commander-in-chief of the best and the most powerful nation on earth, I don’t think we should be getting quite this excited. To me, Barack Obama seems like nothing more than the end result of affirmative action run amok. ………………………………………..

Ok…..a man who was President of the Harvard Law Review…Graduated Magna Cum Laude…


Uh huh.

Has any other Harvard Law Review President been labeled ‘ Affirmative Action Run Amok’?

Has any other United States Senator been labeled ‘ Affirmative Action Run Amok’?

Has any other Presidential Nominee been labeled ‘Affirmative Action Run Amok’?

But, the BLACK MAN…

With TWO Ivy League Degrees…

Who began from NOTHING and won his Senate seat in a crowded field….

Then began from NOTHING, and built a political machine that toppled THE Democratic Party Dynasty of the past 20 years…..



Oh, but it gets better:

……..The first screwball we found out about was Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the gutter mouth whose swinish sermons Obama lapped up for a thousand Sundays. Then there was Bill Ayers, the mad bomber who should have wound up sharing a cell with Ted Kaczynski, but instead was apparently offered the option of becoming a professor. And let us not forget Tony Rezko, who was recently found guilty by a Chicago jury of just about everything except kidnapping the Lindbergh baby. It’s still up in the air whether he’ll be offered the same deal as Bill Ayers, but there’s no getting around the fact that “Professor Rezko” has a nice ring to it.

It probably isn’t cricket to include Michelle Obama in this dirty laundry list of Barack’s associates, and yet it’s hard to simply overlook the fact that he chose to marry this nasty, bitter, openly racist ingrate………………

Let’s dispense with some facts.
Jeremiah Wright is Jeremiah Wright. IF he had been preaching ‘ God Damn America’ all the time, there would have been more of it on Youtube. That these clowns are still playing the same ones, over and over proves that he didn’t. And, even if he had said it every Sunday that Obama was there, he had the right to do it as a preacher, and nothing he said was factually wrong.

Ayers. Ayers is a respected member of the Chicago community. He knows everyone, including DA MAYOR, who stuck up for him. We all know that if his name was LeRoy and had done what Ayers did, he’d STILL be in jail, but it’s not, and he’s not, and he was allowed to ‘ rehabilitate’ himself. Obama was in grammar school when Ayers committed his crimes, and if the rest of the muckety muck of Chicago are willing to appoint him to Boards, then who cares?

Rezko..Rezko..Rezko…the Right keeps on dreaming. They had the trial. There is NO smoking gun between Rezko and Obama. WHY? Because Obama wasn’t important enough in Illinois Politics for Rezko to become deeply involved with him. Our current Governor? Yes. Rezko’s sending him to jail. People in the House and Senate LEADERSHIP – in BOTH parties? Yes…they shouldn’t be sleeping well at night. Obama was down on the totem pole, and the Right is blowing smoke up their asses dreaming that Rezko holds some smoking gun for them. Not happening people.

Barack Obama might not be the Magic Negro, but he’s a Smart Negro. Smart enough to know what he had to do in order to get this far. Got hints for you on the Right: read David Brooks and Andrew Sullivan from last week. I don’t agree with everything they said about Obama, but they’re smart enough to respect his skills.

And, let me just tell you this bluntly:

For a BLACK MAN to have gotten THIS far in the process, IN AMERICA?


He’s smarter than YOU. Everyone you know. And your Mama.

But then, I think you know that. And, it pisses you off.

So, now, we get to Michelle.

Well, they finally came out and said it.


Well, good.

They finally said it.

They’ve been beating around the bush with it for awhile now.

They’re mad because she isn’t a ‘GRATEFUL DARKIE’.

Come on, now.

You know that’s what they call her. That’s what they all ‘Us’.

You know ‘ Us’.

Us ‘Uppity’ ones.

They don’t understand.

After all, she was GIVEN her education.

She was GIVEN her career.

She couldn’t POSSIBLY have EARNED it.

And, after all White folks have done for her – giving her the chance to get into hock up to her eyeballs to go to at least ONE hostile educational institution…


How DARE she actually think for herself.

HOW dare she not buckdance for them like their own little ‘ Grateful Darkies’ like Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas.


I was asked elsewhere WHY I didn’t give the author the benefit of the doubt, as to the interpretation of the remarks. You know, MAYBE, if I hadn’t of read too many stories like this about Michelle Obama, he’d get the benefit of the doubt. But, it’s always there – that subtext…

Who do these ungrateful Negroes think they are?

I know it, because I’ve lived it.

AS IF because of my education and other opportunities that I’ve had in life (due to the parents who took hell and SACRIFICED ), I’m supposed to be a ‘ Grateful Darkie’.

I mean, you live where you do, you went to school where you did, ‘ what could you possibly be ANGRY about rikyrah?’

Um, maybe because I can read above an 8th grade level and understand the White Supremacist Underpinnings of this country. And how my ancestors literally BUILT America with FREE LABOR, and not only is it not acknowledged, but lied about.

Maybe it’s THAT.

Maybe it’s because I had the opportunities that I’ve had and know others, who, if only THEY HAD THE CHANCE, would have done as well as me.

Been there, done that………. heard it most of my life.

So, for all of us ‘ Ungrateful Darkies’ out here…

Go crawl back under your racist, bottomfeeding rock.

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