If you are interested in whassup at the intersection of politics and technology, then you’ll love the Personal Democracy Forum which will be taking place 1 week from today in New York City June 23-24. From the PDF conference blog:

“Rebooting the System” is our overall theme this year, and we’ll be delving deep into how internet-driven mass participation is transforming everything from political media and message-making to fundraising and field organizing, along with how big institutions like governments, campaigns and membership organizations are adapting. Day One will focus on the impacts on politics (campaigns, elections, media, etc.), while Day Two will focus on the ways that governance and civic engagement are being changed.

As you might expect, spaces are filling up fast. Lots of interesting folks are speaking including:

Van Jones (Green for All)
Liza Sabater (Culture Kitchen)
Scott Goodstein and Alec Ross (Obama 2008)
Josh Marshall (TalkingPointsMemo)
Jose Antonio Vargas (Washington Post)
Craig Newmark (Craigslist.org)
Joe Trippi
Elizabeth Edwards
Jane Hamsher (FireDogLake)
Zephyr Teachout (Howard Dean ’04)
Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post)
Clay Shirky (author, Here Comes Everybody)
Tracy Russo (John Edwards ’08)
Peter Daou (Hillary Clinton ’08)
Lawrence Lessig (Change-Congress)
Matt Stoller (Open Left)

And many many more. Both Baratunde and I will be there. And you know we’ve got the hook-up for you:

Email conference AT personaldemocracy.com and mention JJP and you’ll get $100 off. There are also discounts for students
and nonprofit employees. Check out www.personaldemocracy.com/conference for the deets.

Jack and Jill Politics readers are at the forefront of using the internet to create positive change. So get up in that and show ’em whatchu working with! See you there.

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