After listening to the Borg Queen’s minion, aka Geraldine “Klanswoman” Ferraro whine about how Obama’s camp has introduced sexism in terms of media coverage of Missy Hillary, I am blown away by the blatant lies.

Lies so blatant, the person telling them shouldn’t be able to look at themselves in the mirror in the morning.

As I recall, not a word, or a whimper came out of the Obama camp resembling anything racist or sexist.

But, after looking on the Obama attacks Wiki, all of the BS being hurled at Obama came straight out of the Clinton camp. Lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

I wrote about it on my blog, Get Rid of the DLC

Of particular note is this:

First shot across the bow: the husband of New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen, implies Obama may have been a drug dealer in his youth.

Like Shaheen wasn’t sitting on some college campus during the 1970’s tooting on some blow or passing a joint in college. Cause that’s what most kids did (I went to a liberal arts Catholic college in Northern Cal and those kids majored in keg parties, so I know of what I speak).

After we raised a fuss, the Borg Queen gets rid of Mr. Shaheen. But the words have been flung and the damage done; but pretty minor at this point.

Second, Andrew Cuomo, the son of former New York Gov, Mario, describes Obama as a speaker full of “shuck and jive”.

OOOOkayyyy, but what does Mr. Cuomo know about “shucking and jiving”? Don’t tell me he’s hanging out with Champagne Charlie Rangel down on 125th and Lennox Avenue, learning street slang from the brothas. After more firestorm, Cuomo protests his comments were “taken out of context”.

To me, “taken out of context” is code speak of “I didn’t know I’d get caught sticking my foot in my mouth for saying what I really mean.”

Third, after South Carolina, the Big Dog disses Obama’s win, and comes pretty close to calling him “boy” when he called him “kid”. Cue the torches from Black folk at this point because we are shocked that the “first Black POTUS” would diss his peeps that way.

I think we revoked Bill Clinton’s honorary Black card after that – many of us say we never gave it to him and that Toni Morrison should have checked with us before passing it out to him just because he blew sax on Arsenio’s show, and eats fried chicken, collard greens and Big Mama’s peach cobbler.

And the Fake Network News keeps giving Klanswoman Ferraro a platform on which to spew this filth, and allowed her to diss Bob Herbert in the process, cause when hurling her invective against “Black Journalists”, Bob Herbert’s name was the only one she could come up with.

I wish Gerry the Klanswoman would just go ahead and drop the N-word and get it over with.

As I also recall, it was Chris “Tweety” Matthews, who went blathering about Hillary’s cleavage, and whatnot, when he wasn’t swooning over how manly Fred “Law and Order” Thompson was smelling.

Then, after Obama beats her in Iowa, she turns on the water works in New Hampshire and ekes out a victory. She starts crying on que and finally works up the Black Man as Boogey Man to scare the Jed Clampett Mountain Folk into voting for her, by saying “You don’t want a Black Man as President” with those code words “white, working-class people…”

Like most whites making less than $100K aren’t considered the working class. Get a grip, Borg Queen.

And, when all else fails, try to change the rules and move the goalposts by going back on your word to the DNC and engage in machinations to get the delegates from Florida and Michigan seated – in the face of the math that clearly shows that Obama is only 60 Delegates away from securing his nomination, while Hillary needs three times that amount to even smell victory.

While the female bloggers are seizing on this, you might want to ask the DNC why bloggers of color have been excluded from covering the convention this summer? You know how to find us when you need to go up against the white man, but you forget about us just as fast when your own agenda has been accomplished.

I’m calling BS on the whole shebangabang. Right HERE. RIGHT NOW.

As it’s been already stated on this very blog: IF WE CAN’T SIT AT YOUR TABLE, WE DAMNED SURE DON’T WANT YOUR SCRAPS.

Hillary Clinton is getting back what she has dished out. Nothing more, nothing less, and she herself said she could play with the Big Boys. If that’s the case, she needs to quit sending Gerry “Bitter Old Hag Klanswoman” Ferraro to do her dirty work for her, and tell her to drink a six pack of STHU. When talking about the Black Journalists, one of them better ask “Where all the White Women At?”, in order for any of us to take them seriously.

I hope I saved Jack’s last nerve with this post, but you’ll let me know, I’m sure.

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