The white, working class (read, bigoted) voters of Kentucky would rather vote for John McCain and continue to screw over their own interests, rather than vote for Senator Barack Obama.

And “Dirty Harry” himself is saying the Borg Queen shouldn’t drop out of the race, when everything and everyone is indicating it’s all but over.

Hillary Clinton has been successful in turning this entire primary about race. Because she has entitlement issues and she would rather damage Barack Obama, to suit her own ends, rather than end this thing. For turning this campaign about race, I cannot, and will never, ever vote for her. Even if she runs for Dog Catcher.

But, enough about my rant. I want to hear from JJP readers. What do you think about how she’s getting victories in known racially bigoted strongholds, and what do you think this says about America the Beautiful and race relations? And since CBC members like Stephanie Tubbs-Jones is spearheading this effort, should she be subjected to a primary challenger this year, or in 2010?

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