Pat Buchanan, having a complete racist meltdown on MSNBC. When a black person succeeds, it drives folks like Pat to insanity, because it destabalizes the underlying assumptions of white superiority that they hold as articles of faith.

Let’s take these claims one at a time shall we?

1. Barack Obama is only getting 90% of the black vote because he’s black.

Many people have cited white candidates, such as Al Gore or John Kerry, who have one the black vote by overwhelming margins in the general election. But this is somewhat apples to oranges, since Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama aren’t in the GE, they’re in the primary. A white Democrat like Al Gore would never win the black vote in such overwhelming numbers against a white opponent like Bill Bradley, would he?

Actually, that’s exactly what happened.

2. Barack Obama is only winning because he’s black.

It’s true that Barack Obama is propped up by a long line of black Chief Executives, like Presidents Al Sharpton, Carol Mosely Braun, Jesse Jackson and Alan Keyes. But the fact that Obama is winning might have something to do with the fact that he’s a really tough campaigner, a shrewd fundraiser and has built a fantastic organization. I hear he can talk purty too. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of thing that would require Pat Buchanan to admit that black people can be as brilliant and capable as any white person, which is a thought that makes him wake up in the middle of the night swaddled in urine soaked white sheets. No, he wasn’t in bed, he just slept in his clothes.  

3. If Barack Obama had not been black he would have been beaten by John Edwards.
This is indisputably true that, despite the dynamics of a three way race in which Hillary Clinton had the decided advantage, John Edwards alone would have beaten  this Barack Obama in whiteface (let’s call him Barry O’Bama) thus preserving the honor of white men everywhere, something that Hillary Clinton can’t do because she lacks the right reproductive organs.  There’s actually a mathematical theorem I’ve invented that proves it. I call it The Buchanan Theorem. 

Black Man < White Woman < White Man

Any questions?
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