I’m beyond being sick of this shyt. And for those of you Christians who would want to correct my “French”, save it; I think da Lawd will forgive me for expressing my frustration in less than holy fashion.

Hillary Clinton can’t get a clue. Either that, or she defiantly refuses to buy herself one. Now the Clinton supporters are going to protest outside the DNC Rules Committee meeting on Saturday, demanding that the delegates from Michigan and Florida be seated at the convention in Denver.

At the height of my pissivity, is the following:

Among the scheduled speakers at the rally are Clinton fundraiser Elizabeth Bagley; two members of Congress who back the New York senator, Reps. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio and Corrine Brown of Florida; and Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women. Her group’s political action committee has endorsed Clinton.

I see a couple of CBC members that could use primary challengers next election. More on that later; I need to talk about Hillpatine, as my colleague Rikyrah calls her.

First, she invoked every negative racial stereotype against Senator Barack Obama.

When that failed, she insists she needs to stay in the race in case “something happens to Obama”, while invoking the horrific memory of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, still an icon among the Civil Rights guard and Black Americans.


I’ve pleaded for an INTERVENTION; I’ve begged this woman to go away with at least a shred of dignity and respect. But, NOOOOOOO, she has to remain on stage, a center of attention, regardless of how negative, how distracting, how IRRITATING she is.

It is safe to conclude that this woman isn’t fit to be allowed within spitting distance of the White House; let alone run the most powerful Democratic Nation on Earth. It is also safe to say that the Party Leaders are at fault for not putting a stop to homegirl and allowing her divisiveness to continue. I think it’s past time to start asking DNC leaders why they have taken so long to pull the trigger on Hillary and tell her ass to go sit down. I was reminded by my colleagues at Black Agenda Report that way before it looked like Ted Kennedy’s bid for the White House back in 1980, challenging Jimmy Carter, the Party Leaders wasted no time in forcing Ted out.

While I like Carter, I can’t help but wonder what would this country have been under two terms of Ted Kennedy (cause y’all know we wouldn’t have been satisfied with one term, and it probably would have kept Reagan and his ilk out of the Oval Office).


We all know when someone has jumped the shark and needs to be committed for their own mental health, as well as the sanity of those around them.

The math on the primary indicates that Senator Obama is 51 delegates away from having the majority he needs to secure the nomination. Even if the delegates from Michigan and Florida are seated, they still wouldn’t give the Borg Queen enough to secure the nomination at this point. If we’re honest, the Borg Queen was out of it after South Carolina, when Obama rolled off nine consecutive primary victories.

Primary Victories that Hillary wrote off, until she needed the Jed Clampett-Hatfield-McCoy Mountain Redneck vote. And even after invoking the Obama-as-Boogey Man/Scary Black Man, rather than apologizing for threatening his life, she has the audacity to demand as a concession to leaving the scene, that Obama put her on the VP ticket.

Remember what Chris Rock said about Colin Powell running on Bob Dole’s ticket as VP?

“He can f— beat Dole! Why would you ask someone to run on a Presidential ticket with someone he can beat!?”

Only Hillary Clinton would fail to see the irony of demanding to run on Obama’s ticket as VP of someone who has already beaten her, fair and square, by the book and played by the rules.

I’m sick of this shyt.

UPDATE: You know it’s over when Hillpatine’s main supporter, Jumpin’ James Carville is saying stuff like this:

Pay attention to the following:

Carville’s repeated suggestions that Obama “will” beat McCain contrast with the core Hillary message — repeated frequently by Hillary advisers — that Obama merely “can” win a general election, while Hillary “will” win it. Carville’s comments also suggest that with the fall contest looming, it’s becoming tougher for prominent Hillary backers to sustain any argument that doesn’t show full confidence in Obama’s chances against McCain


The Fat Lady should be warmed up and ready to sing by now. LOL

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