Via Balloon Juice, Michelle Bernard uses her “authority” as a black woman to assure viewers of Hardball that the savage Negroes will be rioting in the streets if the superdelegates pick Hillary Clinton.


BERNARD: Hillary Clinton is going to become the Ron Paul of the Democratic party. There’s no way the super delegates can take this away from Barack Obama. There will be race riots in the streets if he wins enough super delegates

The objective of this wild futurism is simply to invoke black pathology where there is none, as a method of reinforcing racist ideas. In fact, Bernard’s statement isn’t so much a prediction of riots as a wish for them. Bernard is a member of the “Independent Women’s Forum”–this august institution employs Charlotte Allen, who in March published an Op-Ed explaining that all women are idiots.

A month ago, Bernard wrote an Op-Ed in the Philadelphia Daily News decrying Hip-hop for using words like “nigger”. As you can tell, complaining about other black people is the quickest way for a black person to get attention in America. It was pretty classic, especially this moment where Lady Crabalade can’t even make her point without first dogging Alex Haley:

Despite the controversy over the authenticity of Alex Haley’s work and genealogy, I couldn’t help but wonder what the African slave Kunta Kinte would think of being called a “n—-h” by other African-Americans?

My closest friends call me “nigga” all the time and it’s never offended me. But Bernard just called us all niggers on TV, and she didn’t even have to use the word. 

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