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Obama Rally In Indianapolis

I just had a phone call with Greer Westerink. She was my canvassing partner in South Dallas. You can see previous posts: canvassing in the hood/meeting Ron Kirk and discussing the dirt she saw go down in the Nevada caucus).

Greer is in Indianapolis and spent the day getting out the vote in a wealthy suburban neighborhood that was heavily pro-Obama. This is just one first-hand report and should not be taken as a sign of the statewide results

Here are the rough notes of her side of the conversation, and i do mean rough :)


this is not south dallas

i’m in the nicest neighborhoods. unbelievable homes

we’re just getting out the vote

the last house i left was 70 year old white lady. told me they had just buried her 95 year old immigrant mother from ireland. the last thing she did was send in her vote for barack

unbelievable homes!

people were saying “thank you so much for coming” offering water, etc.

older guy got his wife to switch over cause he didn’t want her to cancel out his vote. she was glad to have done so, and he pointed to us, asking, “how many hillary people have come by?”

in indianapolis, 50 percent of high school seniors don’t graduate

a lot of people want to engage and tell their story of why they are voting for barack

i haven’t been to indiana since 82 or 83

i can see why people would live here
house for sale, 5,800 square feet. $879,000
4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms.

one woman was very impressed with obama’s organization, strong selling point to her

“i’m really surprised that you’re here knocking on doors.”

21,000 people at rally
stevie wonder opened.
raining on and off.

the governor was elected on the premise of a gas tax, but it didn’t work
some are surprised to see folks embracing clinton’s bad idea but people have very short memories.

nobody’s mentioned reverend wright.

i pray that this is it.
this has got to stop.

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