Inspired by his previous work with on the viral web video “We Are The Ones,” acclaimed music producer Andres Levin has united many leading figures of the Latin music and film community in an all Spanish language video in support of Barack Obama.

Song produced by:
Andres Levin

Guitar by:
Alejandro Sanz

Additional music and programming:
Didi Gutman
Good and Evil

Assistant engineer:
Ray Aldaco at Fun Machine

Video produced by:
Scott Spanjich
Pilar O’Leary

William Garcia (Miami)
Karen Fischer (NYC)
Christian Suau (Puerto Rico)
Jesse Dylan (Los Angeles)
Bob Teitel (Chicago)

Executive Producers:
Andres Levin
Scott Spanjich

Associate Producer:
Alex Migoya

Alejandro Sanz
Paulina Rubio
John Leguizamo
Jessica Alba
Kate del Castillo
Cucu Diamantes (Yerba Buena)
Pedro Martinez (Yerba Buena)
Andres Levin (Yerba Buena)
George Lopez
Luis Guzman
Don Omar
Lila Downs
Lin Manuel Miranda
Frankie Needles
Huey Dunbar
Nydia Caro
Ivonne Caro Caro
Brazilian Girls
Carlos Marín and family
Carola Gonzalez
Viva Nativa
Jose Alberti

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