Hey fam, sorry for such a late post. I’ve been traveling and am in San Fran for the weekend. If you want to meetup, I’m holding “office hours” Sunday afternoon in The Mission. Details here. Would be nice to put a face to some of your names.

Now, on to business.

I am relieved to begin the shift from primary to general election mode. With the Wrath Of The Math having been determined by voters in March and accepted by the media this week, with Rasmussen concluding there’s no point (or money) in polling Clinton vs. Obama, with Hillary somehow one-upping her race-baiting beyond even my wildest dreams, let’s move on.

One of the things I’ve appreciated most about Obama is his first-hand experience with and respect for grassroots organizing. I’ve been a part of it firsthand in VA, TX and PA, and this weekend, his campaign takes it up another notch with an unprecedented, massive, 50-state voter registration drive: Vote For Change

For those who didn’t know, Obama ran ProjectVote in Illinois many years ago. Check this video for some background.

Here’s the campaign’s description of Vote For Change

On May 10th, Barack Obama is launching Vote for Change, an unprecedented 50-state voter registration and mobilization drive. More than 100 events will be held across the country that day. Obama volunteers will register new voters as the start of a six-month voter registration drive.

We can change Washington if more Americans get involved, get registered and show up to vote on November 4th. If millions of new voters get involved, a powerful message will be sent to the special interests that dominate the old politics. This is an important time to find more people in your community to register to vote. To attend a May 10th Vote for Change launch event in your area, click on your state above.

Recent voter registration drives have registered more than 200,000 new Democrats in Pennsylvania, more than 165,000 new Democrats in North Carolina, and more than 150,000 new Democrats in Indiana. Those numbers just scratch the surface of what’s possible.

If you’re a Democrat living abroad, you’re included too!

Obama will run circles around John McCain. He’s putting his effort where his mouth is and has already proven an ability to engage new people in the political process. What’s starting tomorrow has the potential to be huge. Wherever you are, consider being a part of it.

There are millions of us who want more from our government and our politicians and more from ourselves. Help take that step and get involved. At a minimum, you’ll meet some neighbors. That’s how some revolutions got started. :)

Head to the Vote For Change site, and see what’s up in your area tomorrow and beyond.

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