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Sen. Obama’s backers see dream ticket as nightmare
By Alexander Bolton
Posted: 05/19/08 08:03 PM [ET]

Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) allies in Congress do not want Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as his running mate, even though many Clinton supporters are pushing the “dream ticket.”

The latest to tout a joint ticket is Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio), co-chairman of Clinton’s national campaign, who said on MSNBC Monday that she would like to see Clinton and Obama run together.

But Obama’s congressional backers say former Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) or former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) would be the better choice.

Some are wary of putting Clinton on the ticket because they believe she has run a racially divisive campaign.

Former President Bill Clinton enraged Obama supporters when he predicted Obama would win the South Carolina primary because voting would fall along racial lines. The former president later compared Obama’s victory to the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s win there in 1988.

Mrs. Clinton recently riled Obama’s allies by talking to USA Today about her greater popularity among white working-class voters.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), an Obama supporter, said Edwards would make a better running mate because “he hasn’t made as many people angry. Some of the things she has said and done and her husband has said and done have disappointed people in a serious way. The comment that she was there for [the] white working class was divisive. I would hope there is a black and Latino working class she would be there for.”

Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.), another Obama ally, said choosing Clinton could unify the party but also anger black supporters. “The downside is the divide that has occurred over the last year in this primary is pretty wide,” Clay said. “I’m not sure the Obama supporters will fall in line and support her. It’s evident that she and her husband started down this racial path shortly after the South Carolina primary and they continue to hearken back to racial divides in this country.”

Pro-Obama lawmakers say the running mate needs to be “a fresh face” or should have better foreign policy and national security credentials than Clinton. They worry that Clinton, who was embroiled in bitter partisan disputes during eight years as first lady, would undermine Obama’s claim that he would unite people from across the political spectrum.

“I think you’d have to go for a fresh face,” said Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.), an Obama supporter, adding that it would make sense for Obama to choose from among the party’s “wide range of experienced foreign policy and national security experts. Sam Nunn, he’d be my first choice.”

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Of course it’s a nightmare.

She brings absolutely nothing positive to the ticket.

She would energize the GOP base, something John McCain has failed to do.

Obama would be saddled with all the Clinton baggage.

And, don’t believe the utter and complete LIE that she’s been ‘fully vetted’. That’s a pure line of BS. Her post White House Years have NOT been ‘fully vetted’.

Four simple questions:
1. What did Clinton do to earn the Ron Burkle Partnership money?
2. Who were the donors to the Foundation?
3. Who were the donors to the Library?
4. What’s the story behind the 18 million in undeclared income?

That we DON’T have the answers to these questions so late in the game proves that there is something rotten going on.

Obama can’t be someone who wants to sweep in a new era of Transparency in Government, with a running mate who is HIDING SO MUCH.

And, whose natural inclination is to LIE and hide behind the LIES.

Finally, Obama might as well choose Dick Cheney as his running mate if he were going to choose Hillpatine. That’s as far as he can trust her. I’m voting for Obama, in large part, to RID this country of The Imperial Presidency. Having Dick Cheney operate outside of The Constitution isn’t wrong because Dick Cheney is doing it; it’s wrong because IT IS WRONG, AND I DON’T WANT ANY DEMOCRAT DOING IT EITHER. I’ve told you, Hillpatine doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with The Imperial Presidency, as long as SHE was the one doing it. Just like she doesn’t probably think there’s anything wrong with what Cheney has done to shred The Constitution. That somehow, if a Democrat was in that position, it would be ok – WRONG.

And the joke about him needing a permanent food taster is not a joke from where I sit; it would be a statement of FACT.

She’s a lying,racebaiting, amoral snake who cannot be trusted UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

So, a huge HELL NO to Hillpatine being his running mate.

Obama needs to win OR lose all on his own. Don’t have anything complicating or muddying the picture, because I assure you, if he made the wretched mistake of choosing Hillpatine – WHEN THEY LOSE– her camp will find a way to BLAME OBAMA. So, he’s better off just winning or losing all on his own. Becasue it won’t be HIM that would have run off the Independents to McCain or the Crossover Republicans BACK to McCain -that’s all Hillpatine, but her buddies in the MSM, who have bent over backwards trying to shill her, will fall in line, and blame Obama. So, under NO circumstances put this woman on the ticket with him.

PS-anyone who brings up JFK/LBJ and Lincoln bringing his enemies into the cabinet..bad examples…YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO BOTH OF THEM.

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